Santa visits patients at Toledo Children's Hospital

Published: Nov. 20, 2017 at 10:06 PM EST
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On the fifth floor of Toledo Children's Hospital, a special visitor came straight from the North Pole.

From reading stories to listening carefully to Christmas wishes, Santa Claus visited with the littlest patients hoping to bring a smile to their faces.

"[The] patients are glowing from ear to ear when we have Santa come," Chelsey Geis, a nurse at the children's hospital, said.

Some of the kids were able to leave their rooms, but for those who weren't, Santa made a special stop to their rooms.

"I just got surgery," Evelyn, 8, told Santa from her hospital bed.

"She has something called Perthes Disease, or LCP of her right hip, so she had surgery to fix her ball joints," Brittni Miller, Evelyn's mom said.

She adds that the quick visit from St. Nick made a huge difference.

"I think Santa really perked her up, so it was perfect," says Miller.

Evelyn is one of the lucky ones and should be home by Thanksgiving. But there are many others who won't. That's why doctors and nurses say opportunities, like seeing Santa, are so important.

"It makes a tremendous difference in the kids appearance and even their health," Geis said. "We even love Santa being here, as adults."

"Having Santa here and having a tree here represents to them something totally different than being in the hospital," Arturo Polizzi, president of ProMedica's Metro Region, said. "It helps to lift their spirits and it helps life the spirits of all of our employees."

The festivities didn't stop there. In the lobby, another one of the hospitals youngest patients officially kicked off the season with the tree lighting.

ProMedica hopes it will remind patients and their families of the good, while their facing difficult times.