Scam Artist laughs at his victims

The I-Team has been covering this scam artist for a year now. He poses as a Federal Marshal and claims there's a bench warrant out for your arrest because you missed jury duty in Federal Court. He then convinces victims to purchase Green Dot cards to cover the alleged fines which often total over a thousand dollars.

He sounds very official and uses exact details like court case numbers, and says that documents were sent to you by registered mail. Victims tel us he's very convincing and even very smart people have fallen for the scam.

If you miss jury duty, you will NEVER get a phone call and your chances of getting arrested are one in a million according to Lucas County Court Administrator Bryan Patrick. Patrick says if you miss jury duty you will get a postcard with a number on it to reschedule. Again, you will not get a call for jury duty of any kind and you will not be arrested.

Both police and victims call this man back and he laughs at getting away with the scam. Victims are sharing their stories in hopes of letting other people know about this, so they won't loose their money.