Scam Survivor: Facebook scam can cost you thousands

TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - Watch out the next time you log onto Facebook. An offer you see might be the one that costs you big money in the end.

The person who got wrapped up on this scam didn't want to appear on camera but it's important story to tell because the money she lost could be anyone's money. That’s especially true if you're not paying close attention to who you are talking to and what exactly they're asking for.

Facebook can be a great place to reconnect with people but it's also a place thieves troll. Sometimes they try to pretend to be those people you are trying to reconnect with.

Watch out for anyone who sends you a message especially if you've not heard from that person in quite a while.

What our scam victim found was a friend of a friend offering a deal: pay a little bit of money now with the promise of big money in the future.

Our victim paid that money which got up into the thousands. Not surprisingly there was no pay off. She's now out the money.

What's happening is that thieves are cloning Facebook pages, pretending to be your friend. But in this clone account they're only trying to take your money. They’re making it seem like it's a deal from a friend.

Another reminder that you can never be truly sure who you're talking to online.

It's always about common sense. Think of it like this, why is this person making you this offer, especially someone you haven't talked to in years or ever, why would they be making a financial offer?