Scammers hit same Toledo woman twice

Published: Oct. 9, 2018 at 5:39 PM EDT
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A Toledo woman has been hit by scammers not once, but twice. She’s now out about $4000. She was trying to get her money back by doing something honest but got burned in the end.

This woman, who did not want to reveal her identity, thought someone was calling to make things right from the first scam. That didn't happen and things got worse.

Whenever someone calls you and starts talking about Google play cards it's a very bad sign. A sign that Toledo woman missed. After losing hundreds of dollars recently when someone got into her computer, someone from the “company” called over the weekend.

"They said our company is closing and we want to give your $800 back. I said great,” said this scam victim.

The person on the other line offered to give back the money but with a catch. She had to allow the person access into her online bank account.

"Unfortunately I did. Unfortunately I did. I feel like the stupidest people in the world because this happened to me. I'm not a stupid lady but I was very stupid in this," said the scam victim.

During the money transfers, too much money went into her account and she wanted to pay it back.

"I'm an honest person. I don't take anybody else's money. So they told me I had to go and get four $500 Google play cards to get money back into their account," said the scam victim.

Then they even told her some of the cards didn't work, she had to buy more. That’s money she'll never get back, despite all the warning signs.

"I could hear other people at their company talking to people about the same thing that they were talking to me. I said who all are you talking to? Hey says ‘Oh no this is just on your case.’ It wasn't," said this scam victim.

Be extremely careful who you're dealing with online and never give anyone access to you online banking account.