Scammers make kids think Dad is going to jail

TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - A couple of Toledo kids recently learned their father was going to jail. At least that's what the scam artists on the other end wanted the family to think.

Now this family putting out the warning so others don't get into a similar spot.

The crooks are getting desperate, threatening you and your family and now kids are hearing the threats.

Jason Nowak's wife got the call first.

"This woman started threatening her, saying your husband is going to jail. We're going to take your vehicle. We're going to take your home," said Nowak.

He supposedly owed back local, state and federal taxes. But then it got personal when the caller said Nowak was headed to jail.

"My kids actually heard her say that on the phone and they started crying. My wife, not thinking, pulled out her debit card gave her $50 to keep things going and keep everything civil," said Nowak.

These crooks are anything but civil. Not only did they steal money and put a scare into the adult but really scarred these kids.

"As soon as they heard over the phone that your husband is going to jail. They instantly thought Dad was going to jail and they don't want to lose me," said Nowak.

Remember if you actually owe tax money, you'll get a formal letter not a threatening call. And look for the sure signs that it's a bogus call.

"You can actually hear this woman's kids crying in the background when she claims she's from a law firm but when she calls she doesn't state what law firm she's from," said Nowak.

Any call that comes out of nowhere and demands money is a call you don't want to take. If they do get through, hang up as soon as they give you the pitch.