Scammers trying to take your phone with phone scheme

Published: Jan. 16, 2018 at 6:15 PM EST
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Crooks are not only trying to take your money these days over the phone. Some of them want your phone too. Now they’re trying to get it in a unique way.

People get offers all the time, especially offers on the phone but what happens when the offer is for your phone and the scammer wants you to hand it over.

Laura Rogers-Gabriel remembers these thieves as persistent.

"They called me twice in one day so the second time I answered them because, what do you want?" said Rogers-Gabriel.

It was an unsolicited call about a phone upgrade. An upgrade she was told in the store she wasn't eligible for just yet.

"I said I enjoy my phone but is this about the apple batteries being cheaper? She says ‘Well it sounds like you're having a lot of problems with your phone.’ I'm like OK first off you're wrong. You didn't understand what I said at all," said Rogers-Gabriel.

Another sign this isn't her real cell phone provider. She's dealt with them before on replacement phones. She remembers they never ask you to find your own box and mail them the phone.

"What they do is send me the brand new phone in a box. Then I am supposed to send that old phone in that box. So they never say ‘Hey get your own box and send it to us," said Rogers-Gabriel.

She eventually knew this was bogus. So for anyone that gets the call, take her advice

“If they think it's fishy or doesn't sound right just hang up and call the company,” said Rogers-Gabriel.

You may get promotional material from your cell phone company about upgrades. More than likely that will come from an email or something in your mailbox. Very rarely will you get a call about an upgrade.

If you think it might be your company, hang up, find your own number for them and call them back. If it's a real offer they'll know about it when you call.

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