A Scare on the Seas

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) Dozens of people suffered injuries when a technical issue caused a Carnival Cruise Ship to list. There were six ladies from our area on the ship who hung on for dear life when the boat began tilting to one side. The ladies say they're lives flashed before their eyes.

"It was the longest minute of my life. There was so much glass to walk through and then I saw a woman's friends pulling glass out of her feet," said Sylvia Reyes.

The three ladies say they feared the worst when a Carnival Cruise Line Ship they were on tipped to one side. Sylvia Reyes, Clara Petty and Bobbie Dotson are members of a group called the Traveling Divas. They were at dinner when the ship tilted.

"You saw your glass move and I think we kind of laughed it off. This is kind of funny. It was very quick . Everything just domino-ed and you could hear it from the upper level things falling people screaming," said Reyes.

They say dishes, plates and glasses went crashing to the floor.

"I kept saying there's no water on the deck. There's no water on the deck, but then we turned around and water just starts coming from the ceiling. Everyone really panicked because you didn't know where the water was coming from, but it actually was coming from the pool," said Clara Petty.

"I was right by a pillar. We could grab on and hold on. We didn't know if it was going to tilt and started easing back up," said Bobbie Dotson.

In a statement, a Carnival spokesperson said the ship, "Experienced a technical issue which caused the ship to list for approximately one minute. There was never any issue with the safe operation of the ship and our officers quickly intervened to correct the situation."

The ladies say they feel the cruise ship did a poor job of communicating with passengers.

"People just needed to know are we okay? What is happening? What should I be doing? The fear was just so real because the rest of the evening you saw people walking around with their life jackets. Their babies in life jackets. Bobbie slept in her clothes and had her life jacket on top of her like this," said Petty.

"If you would have heard that dining area. Those sisters locked arms and we started praying. We started praying yes," said Dotson.

They say many passengers were injured and the cruise line offered a small reimbursement.

"When we got back to our rooms that afternoon we all had a letter with $50 credit. I see that as a slap in the face. A $50 credit. If you loss your drinks the night before they didn't even credit those," said Petty.

"It was overwhelming, but as Bobbie said we kept each other together," said Reyes.

The ladies say they won't let this stop them from going on the next traveling divas cruise .