Scattered trees down in Toledo cause damage following ice storm

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Toledo city crews and local tree removal companies were busy Tuesday. The ice storm caused broken branches to block streets and driveways, some landing on cars and houses.

Bud Mohn has lived on Penn Rd. in Toledo most of his life. He says last year a tree in his backyard snapped in half and landed on his garage.

"Knocked out one of the lights, the whole gutter came down, and I had to patch my roof," said Bud Mohn.

Tuesday morning a tree in his front yard snapped, twice.

"I was inside in the kitchen getting my coffee and I heard a boom out here and I came out and this branch fell first," said Bud Mohn.

That first branch fell in the middle of the road and the second branch fell not long after. That one blocked his driveway.

He called the city about the log in the street, but crews weren't able to make it. They're backed up dealing with other trees down. So, he took matters in to his own hands.

He used a chainsaw to cut the branches and move the debris out of the roadway.

Nancy Stewart lives on the other side of the branch.

"It didn't stop. You heard nonstop ice and cracking and falling," said Nancy Stewart.

She says starting around 6:30 Tuesday morning she heard three branches break. There were fallen limbs on both sides of her home. Nancy has a rescue dog named Peaches.

"Every time I had to take the dog out we just went out real quick and then came back in because you didn't know if another limb was going to come down or not. The whole neighborhood is full," said Nancy Stewart.

Neighbors like Nancy know dealing with damage following an ice storm is just part of winter in Toledo.

"When you have an old neighborhood with big trees, it's just what happens," said Nancy Stewart.

And neighbors like Bud, don't mind cleaning up the mess.