School officials "frustrated too" over tall grass

OREGON, Ohio (WTVG) - Multiple Oregon residents have filed complaints with the city about tall grass on school grounds, and Oregon City Schools acknowledged those frustrations on Facebook.

Dean Sandwisch, Assistant Superintendent with Oregon City Schools tells 13abc, "We feel a little bit of what the farmers are going through right now, not able to get out into the fields. It's not quite as dire for us, but it looks bad."

Manicured lawns sit next to the over-grown grounds of Starr Elementary. 13abc reached out to frustrated neighbors, some of whom have complained to the city. They didn't want to comment, but Heather Schuyler lives nearby, and she says she understands. "The last couple of weeks, it's gotten a bit tall, but they've come in and done what they can in between the raindrops, which we do the same thing with our grass."

The district posted pictures of sunken tractors Thursday to show why they're having such a hard time.

"The residential lawn mowers are much lighter than what our lawn mowers are,” Sandwisch explains. “We mow about 110 acres of grass a week. We have one large tractor that takes a lot of big swaths, and three zero-turns, all of which are pretty heavy. And when we get out there, we just sink."

A chance of rain exists for five of the next seven days, so in the meantime, it's still a waiting game for grounds crews.