School report cards released

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The Ohio Department of Education released its state report cards for schools Thursday morning.

The grading system ranks districts from A-F on several categories. The state says the annual report lets parents and students monitor how their school is doing in several areas.

The report cards look at graduation rates, student performance on state tests, overall student achievement and several other categories.

For an in-depth look at your school district, click the "District Grades Broken Down" link on this page.

You can check the full list of school grades by clicking the "2017 School Report Cards" link on this page. You can also see the state's explanation of the reporting system by clicking "State Report Cards Explained."

The Achievement component of the report card represents the number
of students who passed the state tests and how well they performed
on them.

The Progress component looks closely at the growth that all students are making based on their past performances.

Here are the grades for schools in northwest Ohio:

Academy of Educational Excellence - Achievement: F, Progress: D
Alternative Education Academy - Achievement: F, Progress: D
Anthony Wayne - Achievement: B, Progress: B
Arcadia - Achievement: C, Progress: D
Archbold - Achievement: C, Progress: B
Arlington - Achievement: C, Progress: A
Aurora Academy - Achievement: F, Progress: D
Autism Model School - Achievement: D, Progress: NR
Ayersville - Achievement: C, Progress: B
Bennett Venture Academy - Achievement: D, Progress: D
Benton Carroll Salem - Achievement: C, Progress: A
Big Walnut - Achievement: C, Progress: B
Bowling Green - Achievement: D, Progress: A
Bridges Community Academy - Achievement: F, Progress: D
Bryan - Achievement: D, Progress: D
Buckeye Valley - Achievement: C, Progress: B
Carey - Achievement: D, Progress: B
Central - Achievement: C, Progress: A
Central Academy of Ohio - Achievement: F, Progress: C
Clay Avenue Community School - Achievement: D, Progress: B
Clyde-Green Springs - Achievement: D, Progress: B
Columbus Grove - Achievement: C, Progress: A
Continental - Achievement: C, Progress: C
Cory-Rawson - Achievement: D, Progress: D
Danbury - Achievement: C, Progress: A
Defiance - Achievement: D, Progress: D
Delaware - Achievement: C, Progress: B
Discovery Academy - Achievement: D, Progress: D
Eagle Academy - Achievement: F, Progress: C
Eastwood - Achievement: C, Progress: A
Edgerton - Achievement: C, Progress: B
Edison - Achievement: C, Progress: A
Edon Northwest - Achievement: C, Progress: B
Elmwood - Achievement: C, Progress: A
Evergreen - Achievement: C, Progress: A
Fayette - Achievement: D, Progress: D
Findlay - Achievement: D, Progress: D
Fostoria - Achievement: D, Progress: A
Fremont - Achievement: D, Progress: D
Genoa - Achievement: C, Progress: B
Gibsonburg - Achievement: D, Progress: A
Hicksville - Achievement: B, Progress: A
Holgate - Achievement: C, Progress: B
Hope Learning Academy of Toledo - Achievement: F, Progress: C
Hopewell-Loudon - Achievement: C, Progress: A
Horizon Science Academy Toledo - Achievement: F, Progress: D
Horizon Science Academy-Springfield - Achievement: F, Progress: B
Huron City - Achievement: C, Progress: D
iLEAD Spring Meadows - Achievement: D, Progress: F
Imagine Hill Avenue - Achievement: D, Progress: F
Jennings - Achievement: D, Progress: D
Kalida - Achievement: A, Progress: B
L. Hollingworth School for Talented and Gifted - Achievement: F, Progress: F
Lake - Achievement: D, Progress: F
Lakota - Achievement: D, Progress: B
Leipsic - Achievement: D, Progress: A
Liberty Center - Achievement: C, Progress: D
Liberty-Benton - Achievement: C, Progress: D
Madison Avenue School of Arts - Achievement: F, Progress: B
Margaretta - Achievement: D, Progress: C
Maritime Academy of Toledo - Achievement: F, Progress: F
Maumee - Achievement: C, Progress: B
McComb - Achievement: D, Progress: D
Millcreek-West Unity - Achievement: D, Progress: A
Miller City-New Cleveland - Achievement: B, Progress: B
Mohawk - Achievement: D, Progress: A
Montpelier - Achievement: D, Progress: D
Napoleon - Achievement: C, Progress: B
New Riegel - Achievement: C, Progress: B
Nexus Academy of Toledo - Achievement: F, Progress: C
North Baltimore - Achievement: D, Progress: C
North Central - Achievement: C, Progress: C
North Central Academy - Achievement: F, Progress: C
Northeastern - Achievement: C, Progress: A
Northpointe Academy - Achievement: F, Progress: F
Northwood - Achievement: D, Progress: D
Ohio Virtual Academy - Achievement: D, Progress: F
Old Fort - Achievement: D, Progress: B
Olentangy - Achievement: B, Progress: F
Oregon - Achievement: D, Progress: C
Otsego - Achievement: D, Progress: B
Ottawa Hills - Achievement: A, Progress: A
Ottawa-Glandorf - Achievement: C, Progress: B
Ottoville - Achievement: B, Progress: B
Pandora-Gilboa - Achievement: C, Progress: B
Patrick Henry - Achievement: C, Progress: A
Perkins - Achievement: D, Progress: A
Perrysburg - Achievement: B, Progress: A
Pettisville - Achievement: C, Progress: B
Pike-Delta-York - Achievement: C, Progress: B
Port Clinton - Achievement: D, Progress: B
Put-In-Bay - Achievement: C, Progress: C
REACH Academy - Achievement: F, Progress: C
Rise & Shine Academy - Achievement: D, Progress: A
Riverdale - Achievement: D, Progress: F
Rossford - Achievement: D, Progress: B
Sandusky - Achievement: D, Progress: D
Seneca East - Achievement: C, Progress: B
Springfield - Achievement: D, Progress: A
Star Academy of Toledo - Achievement: F, Progress: D
Stryker - Achievement: C, Progress: B
Summit Academy Community School-Toledo - Achievement: F, Progress: C
Summit Academy Toledo Learning Center - Achievement: F, Progress: A
SunBridge Schools - Achievement: F, Progress: A
Swanton - Achievement: C, Progress: B
Sylvania - Achievement: C, Progress: A
The Autism Academy Of Learning - Achievement: F, Progress: NR
Tiffin - Achievement: D, Progress: C
Toledo - Achievement: F, Progress: D
Toledo Preparatory and Fitness Academy - Achievement: D, Progress: D
Toledo School For The Arts - Achievement: C, Progress: C
Toledo SMART Elementary School - Achievement: F, Progress: A
Upper Sandusky - Achievement: D, Progress: B
Van Buren - Achievement: B, Progress: D
Vanlue - Achievement: D, Progress: D
Vermilion - Achievement: D, Progress: C
Washington Local - Achievement: D, Progress: D
Wauseon - Achievement: C, Progress: B
Wildwood Environmental Academy - Achievement: D, Progress: B
Winterfield Venture Academy - Achievement: F, Progress: B
Woodmore - Achievement: C, Progress: F

Schools and districts report information for the Ohio School Report Cards on specific marks of performance – called measures – within six broad categories or components. The components are Achievement, Progress, Gap Closing, Graduation Rate, K-3 Literacy and Prepared for Success. While the department has given letter grades on most of the individual measures for several years, new this year are letter grades on each of the six components. This will help give Ohio parents and schools an even more complete snapshot of the quality of education they are providing their children.