Swan Creek search continues for Detroit teenager

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Toledo police say they sent a search team along with K-9's to look around the area. The K-9's showed some interest in the creek, but the dogs were not able to detect a specific spot. The missing man's mother wants more done.

"I’ve been here almost every day," said the mother Kimberly Robinson.

Kimberly Robinson is determined to find her missing son Jonathan Robinson. His mother was back out searching Swan Creek where he went missing.

"The way that looks there’s no telling who or what could actually be lost in that," said Robinson.

Robinson mysteriously disappeared June 10 after his mother says he was pulled over for allegedly running a flashing red light. Police stopped him on Gibbons street. According to a report police got him out of car and the 19 year old man ran. An officer chased him. They jumped a wooden fence, but the officer never caught him.

"I feel so eerie about the coincidence and the way that they came up missing with the both of them being chased and going off into the woods," said the mother.

Robinson is talking about Daniel Wiggins Jr. He was reported missing in January. Body cam footage shows police stopping someone driving his car. The driver took off running on gibbons street near the woods.
On Saturday kayakers found Wiggins body in Swan Creek not far from the area where Robinson was last seen.

"These are some of the wires and this is all debris. It’s just not floating on top. It’s underneath it as well," said

Kelly Rudolph with Northwest Ohio River Runners,. Rudolph is a kayaking enthusiast group. She and a member of the coast guard auxiliary trained in search and rescue dropped their kayak in the water to look for Robinson.

"The embankment is steep on both side."

Rudolph shared pictures of the debris in the creek where Robinson went missing. She says it's impossible to search.

"The creek runs from this way down and it goes out to the Maumee. Everything that is upstream will eventually make its way down here. But it’s unable to because of that large log jam. It’s large enough and it’s underwater," said Kelly Rudolph.

The missing man's mother wants the City of Toledo to clean up the creek.

"It’s important that I find out what happened to him. I hope that I don’t find him out there, but would like to be able to cover that ground at least rule it out. I just pray that my son is not there," said Kimberly Robinson.

The City of Toledo spokesperson says sewer and drainage services is assessing the area where the young men went missing.