Secor Rd. Whole Foods may finally be on the way

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - If you're driving down Secor Road this week, you may see a long-awaited and welcome sight. If the signage outside is any indication, 2019 could be the year Whole Foods finally opens its doors.

The arrival of the grocery giant in Toledo has become something of a saga, spanning all the way back to 2015 when the company first announced they would be setting up one of their 365 stores at the Secor Road location. The project has been delayed a number of times since then. In 2017 there was some movement when crews arrived at the location to clean up and install utilities. They even applied for a liquor license at the time, yet nothing happened.

Then, just over a week ago on December 31, 13abc discovered a number of job listings posted online. While the company wouldn't confirm, it seemed as though they were looking to staff the new location. It was the latest indication that the store might finally be on its way. Now, with new signs posted outside announcing that it is "coming soon" it seems all but assured.

Those familiar with the grocery chain might find some difference between the standard stores and the 365 brand, specifically the prices. Whole Foods initially launched 365 as a brand of less expensive food items in their notoriously expensive locations but expanded that brand to include a line of brick and mortar locations which cater to a more budget conscious consumer.