Secretary of State to visit Lucas Co. Board of Elections

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - They've cleaned house before but that's not expected to be the case Tuesday for the Lucas County Board of Elections as the Ohio Secretary of State comes back to town to meet with the board.

Secretary Frank LaRose is looking to make sure things run smoother in 2020.

Heads have rolled in the past when the Secretary of State has gotten involved with the Lucas County Board of Elections.

Former Secretary of State Jon Husted dismissed board president Bruce Saferin earlier this year. Husted's work actually dates back to 2011 when the board was placed under administrative oversight. Husted got rid of just about all of the board in 2014, around the time when he said the board was mired in a "culture of dysfunction."

Tuesday’s meeting will actually be with the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections as well as the Lucas County board. The Secretary of State's office will be talking about efforts to improve election administration. The Cuyahoga team is expected to offer mentorship.

Lucas County was the second to last when it came to reporting results of election night this past November, those results coming in after 2 a.m. Among the issues the board encountered: new machines, issues with the memory cards and simple human error.

Some of the fixes include pre-wiring machines so poll workers don't have to assemble equipment they're not very familiar with. Stream lining was also discussed because the board of elections currently works out of three buildings.

Logistics were also a huge issue. For example, it took a two person, bi-partisan team about 30 minutes in some instances to get the paper backup for some polling places. That happened around 8-9 times according to the Board of Elections.