Security guard receives probation after May incident with Lucas Co. Sheriff's Deputy

TOLEDO (WTVG) - The security guard who was caught on video pointing his gun at a Lucas County Sheriff's Deputy in a May incident in the IRS office has been sentenced to probation.

This screenshot from a video shows security guard Seth Eklund pointing his gun at the back of Lucas County Sheriff's Deputy Alan Gaston.

Seth Eklund was charged with simple assault, a first degree misdemeanor, amended from an earlier charge. He withdrew a prior plea and entered a plea of no contest.

He was found guilty and sentenced to a suspended sentence of six months at CCNO. He was placed on active probation for one year, and he must undergo mental health counseling, gun safety class, and he cannot own a gun during his probation.

The incident occurred when deputy Alan Gaston entered the IRS office to ask a personal question about a letter he received in the mail. Gaston was in his full uniform, with his badge and firearm visible. The office has a no-firearms policy, and Eklund asked Gaston to put his gun in his car, something Gaston said he could not.

Eklund continued to demand Gaston take his gun out of the office. Gaston refused but eventually began to leave the office, at which point video shows Eklund pointed his gun at the deputy's back.

Gaston and his wife have also filed a civil lawsuit against Eklund and the security company seeking compensation after Gaston allegedly suffered emotion and psychological distress and lost wages.