Security services employee attacked by dog in Toledo neighborhood

Published: May. 26, 2020 at 10:38 AM EDT
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A security services employee was injured during a service call when he was attacked by a dog Saturday morning in Toledo.

The ADT employee was servicing a home alarm in the 1400 block of Addington when a loose pit bull attacked him, biting his right leg.

The employee retreated inside the house, and when the homeowner tried to escort the employee back to his vehicle, the dog charged again. The homeowner, who has a CCW permit, drew a firearm and fired two rounds at the dog. The dog retreated behind a neighboring house.

When Toledo Police officers arrived, they located the dog inside a garage with its owner. They also located a cat which had been killed by the dog.

Toledo Fire & Rescue treated the security services employee on the scene and advised further treatement.

Lucas County Canine Care & Control determined the dog would be deemed a "dangerous dog," and a further investigation was opened. The dog was treated by her owner.