Sen. Brown could announce presidential plans in March

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - Ohio Democratic senator Sherrod Brown was in Toledo Tuesday to talk about his plan to help families save money.

But he's also traveling around the country on what he calls his "Dignity of Work" tour.

Brown is considering a run for president, and he says, "Democrats have to talk to workers better than we do, and that's how you win Ohio, and that's how you win the electoral college."

Brown won re-election in November over Republican Jim Renacci, 53-47.

That's not overwhelming, but it's impressive in a state Donald Trump won two years before.

Brown admits he's a progressive in a national party moving left.

The senator says, "I'm not going to move left or right on issue because it's the shiny new issue of the day. It's not who I am."

The last president from the state of Ohio was Warren Harding, 100 years ago in 1920.

Could Sherrod Brown be next?

Sam Nelson is a political science professor at the University of Toledo. He says Brown is introducing himself to voters around the country and monitoring his competitors campaigns. Fundraising isn't important at this stage, and Nelson says there is value in waiting a little while longer to announce.

Nelson says, "It definitely gets more difficult the further you get in, but at the same time, in March, you get to be the new guy, and maybe you seem kind of fresh and different because everybody's tired of hearing about the first 12 candidates."

But that's the problem for Brown. Twelve candidates have announced so far, and he and others are still considering.

Brown says he will make a decision in a couple weeks and announce that decision soon after.

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