Seneca County residents could be eligible for new septic tanks

SENECA COUNTY, Ohio (WTVG) - If you're a resident of Seneca County and you need to replace your septic tank, you could be eligible for assistance from a local Health District program.

The Household Sewage Treatment System grant, which is administered by the Seneca Regional Planning Commission, has $150,000 to provide financial assistance for failing systems. That funding has been provided by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

The program has three tiers of assistance. Households could get 100%, 85%, or 50% of the cost of construction. The availability of funding depends on household income. 100% grants are available to a household of up to four people with a maximum income of $24,600. Households with an income below $49,201 may qualify for 85% of costs, while those with an income under $73,801 could receive 50% of the costs.

Applicants must be Seneca County residents, must own and occupy the residence, and must complete a form and provide proof of income for all household members including a 2018 W-2, four consecutive weeks of pay stubs and monthly Social Security, disability, pension or unemployment income statements. They cannot have delinquent property taxes and must have homeowners insurance.

After an application is received, the applicant receives formal notification in the mail from the Regional Planning office. Funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more details, to apply or to check on household is eligibility, contact Brittany Bisher at (419) 443-7936, ext. 1108.