Several issues for Toledo pool where child drown Friday

TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - The pool where a 7-year-old Toledo boy died last weekend had been closed previously in 2017.

Jovontai Highsmith drowned last Friday at the Days Inn on Miami Street.

His mom tells 13abc she left the pool area to prepare food for the kids and Jovontai ended up under the water.

This is the not first time this hotel pool has had problems. From drownings to shutdowns, it's a pool with a checkered past.

Last weekend marks the third child to drown in that pool since 2006.

The conditions inside have also been cited as bad. The pool was actually shut down for 4 days earlier this summer.

That is coupled with a report just last month that showed more safety issues.

The pool inside this Days Inn on Miami Street was closed Monday night and it’s not the first time it was closed in 2017.

According to an inspection report from July 13th, the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department shut the pool down because, according to the report, "water clarity was not sufficient to see the pool bottom.”

The health department saying "Do not operate the pool when water clarity is poor.

The pool was reopened 4 days later.

During the re-inspection it was noted that the water clarity was greatly improved but inspectors also noticed “the emergency device (telephone) was not working.”

The follow up inspection was November 20th. That inspection found more issues with the phone saying “no emergency phone at the time of inspection.”

That inspection also pointed out another major safety issue with signage.

The report says “The unguarded pool was in use without the children must be supervised and/or swimming alone is not recommended sign posted.”

A hotel employee told 13abc on the phone Monday that the signs were in place in this weekend incident.

13abc reached out to the Days Inn managers and they have no comment on this weekend's incident.

We also reached out to the Days Inn at the corporate level and have not heard back yet.

The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department was back at the pool for an inspection Monday. The results of what they found have not been released yet.

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