Sharp eye notices scam from groups saying they help police and kids

TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - The caller will ask you to help those who protect us every day but that call isn't coming from where you think it is.

Chuck Belcher gets calls all the time from people asking for help for law enforcement.

"Cops for Kids or state police, police and firemen, widows of police and fire. It's always the same guys,” said Belcher.

Cops for Kids had always stood out to him. He's never had a good feeling about them. He’s been receiving calls from them for about 2 years.

"They were nice, they were pleasant. But they were very insistent. Like can you send us $20, can you send us $10, can you send us $5. How about a dollar, we'll even send you a self-addressed envelope," said Belcher.

His gut was right. In the last few weeks Ohio's Attorney General sued Cops for Kids. The suit saying they only gave about 2% of the money they brought in to charitable programming.

"It doesn't surprise me. I thought it would come about long before now because it's been going on for years and years," said Belcher.

This group, Cops for Kids, brought in just over $4 million in the last 10 years so lots of people did buy into their pitch.

Just remember when you donate over the phone you can never be totally sure who you are giving to.