Sheriff's deputy suspended two days for trying to get a date during a traffic stop

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A Lucas County Sheriff's Deputy received a two-day unpaid suspension after abusing his authority during a traffic stop in May.

The complainant said a marked Sheriff's vehicle parked behind her at the Family Dollar on Reynolds near Dorr on the morning of May 25 after she had pulled into the parking lot.

She said deputy sheriff Rich Strong remained in his vehicle and motioned her over, telling her he could write her a ticket for not wearing her seat belt or having a front licence plate - also telling her the cost of the ticket and attorney fees.

Strong then said he would do her a favor and just give a warning, but then also handed her a business card with his personal phone number written on it, saying, "we outta hang out sometime."

The complaint was filed May 28. Charges were brought against Strong on June 6.

Strong waived a review board and disciplinary hearing and accepted a two day unpaid suspension Monday.