Shot fired as Toledo Police officer approaches suspect

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - An extremely close call for a Toledo police officer over the weekend when a shot was fired just as he's trying to take an armed man into custody.

Now the officer’s body worn camera shows how it all unfolded.

Officer Tony Martin was patrolling Saturday night, when he was dispatched to a call of an armed man pointing that gun at people on the street. Officer Martin spotted someone who looked like that man. An altercation ensued a shot was fired from the suspect’s gun.

The suspect in that altercation Trevelle Finley, 31. He was in court today on a felonious assault charge.

This all on Airline near Mayberry. Police believed that Finley was armed after getting reports of him aiming a gun at people near the home. It turned out he was armed.

No one was hurt, that bullet actually hit the porch floor.

This was supposed to be a night of celebration for Officer Martin. He's a fairly new officer, in fact Saturday night was his last night on his probation as part of his training. We are told he has passed that probationary period.