Side Cut flooding "some of the worst ever" according to Metroparks

MAUMEE, Ohio (WTVG) - The power of the mighty Maumee is evident at Side Cut Metropark.

Rushing flood waters have taken over, swallowing walking trails, invading buildings and tearing up whatever is in its path.

"It's really high," Ruthanne Passalacqua of Maumee, said. "You can't even see the bridge and all these trees are taken out over here."

Thursday, along the water's edge, groups of people stopped to see it for themselves. They marveled at the river's force and also worried about the damage being done.

"Just cross your fingers and hope the devastation isn't as bad as it could be," Jack Meade of Toledo said.

Side Cut Metropark is a flood plain and these days it's working overtime. The damage isn't like what the area dealt with in 2015 when ice jams ripped through the area, but it's significant. In fact, some say it's the worst they've ever seen.

"This is exceptional. It's equal parts of awe and concern for what will be left behind," Scott Carpenter, Metroparks spokesperson said.

Carpenter says the park system often experiences some sort of flooding and prepares for it. He calls the current situation extreme and says it isn't over just yet.

"We've got a lot of water off the land still to come into the river and the big unknown is the ice dam that has formed," he said.

The only thing to do now is watch and wait.

"Right now, it's kin of an eerie beautiful out here," Meade said.

Once the waters recede, the Metroparks says they will be looking for volunteers to help clean up. Follow this link to get on the volunteer list.