Sierah Joughin's boyfriend shares memories of slain girlfriend

Published: Mar. 14, 2018 at 3:44 PM EDT
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The Sierah Joughin murder case entered its third day of testimony on Wednesday. Experts took the stand and testified about evidence. Two days earlier, Joughin's boyfriend, Josh Kolasinski, took the stand. Kolasinski left the courtroom amid disturbing testimony on Tuesday.

Before the trial started, however, 13abc invited Kolasinski to share his memories and stories of Joughin. The two were together for seven years. That time together came to a tragic end when Joughin went missing during a bicycle ride on July 19, 2016. Her body was found thee days later and James Worley was eventually charged with murder in the case.

"It's very surreal, most people nothing like this ever happens to them and I certainly didn't think it would happen to me," says Kolasinski. "Just day by day and try to look at the good things."

Kolasinski last saw Joughin alive while she was on that bike ride. He followed her on his motorcycle for part of the trip, never see his girlfriend again once they parted ways.

"When she walked in the room, the room is just immediately was lifted up. So it's more of a feeling, than just certain little memories," explains Kolasinski. "We were the couple that we were always together. If there was Josh then there was always Sierah."

Kolasinski says, after seven years, he and Joughin has talked about marriage.

"Right before all this we were talking about plans on getting married. We were looking at rings and was making subtle hints at things."

Through the tragedy, Kolasinski tried to find purpose. He created a group called "Keeping our girls safe." He helps raise money to offer free self defense classes for girls and women in the community.

"This is for her, I do it for her, and I just want to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else and if they see me this puts a face to it and show that this can actually happen to someone."