Single Mother, Body Builder, Fitness Instructor In The Fight Of Her Life

41-year old Misty Waldon goes at life non-stop. She's a competitive body builder, she teaches spin and boot camp fitness classes at the YMCA and works 12 hour shifts as a technician at a local hospital. And most importantly to her, she's been a single mother of 4 children for over 10-years. But two years ago, her entire world change in a heartbeat. Blurred vision led her to a diagnosis of ocular melanoma. This is an extremely rare and potentially lethal diagnosis. Doctors removed her eye and told her that if the cancer returned, the prognosis would be grim. "They said if it came back to my body it would go through my blood stream and attack my liver," says Misty. Misty now has tumors in her liver and lung and is undergoing immuno-therapy at Cleveland Clinic. However none of her activity has slowed down one bit.

Friends and Family are holding a fundraiser for her Friday, May 10th at Start High School from 5pm to 9pm. There will be food and a silent auction. The money raised will help support Misty as she travels back and fourth to Cleveland for her treatment.