Sinkhole opens up on Monroe and Cardinal

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TOLEDO - (13bac, Action News) - A sinkhole unexpectedly opened up at the intersection of Cardinal and Monroe, this afternoon, causing minor injuries to a Toledo city worker.

The worker was driving a city truck when the crater opened and partially swallowed the vehicle.

Within 30 minutes, crews posted barricades around the hole and city crews were analysis the problem.

It is believed a sewer, buried 20 feet below the street, may have cracked and water eroded the subsurface.

The cost to repair the hole could run $25,000 and take until the end of the week to complete. Traffic flow along that part of Monroe will likely be affected.

Toledo uses cameras to look for imperfections along 50 miles of underground pipeline, each year.

At this point, it is not known whether this is a chronic problem in this area or an isolated incident.

Back in July, 2013, a sinkhole on Detroit Avenue, three blocks from Monday's sink hole, swallowed a car.