Snow is great for the delivery business

Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 11:41 PM EST
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Other businesses besides the obvious like snow plow companies and snow gear stores benefit from weather like this. It's also a busy night for the delivery drivers.

13abc rode along with Richard Steglich on Wednesday night for a few hours. He's been a delivery driver at Eat At Oasis for about four years.

General Manager Leonard Wetzel says big weather events are great for business.

"It's like insane. Nobody wants to go out, nobody wants to get in their cars. So, it's constant. Our business sometimes triples from a normal night," said Wetzel.

While the food may take a bit longer to get the doorstep, customers don't seem to mind.

"The drivers have to be extra careful. We have to make sure we staff for that. It can get hectic," said Wetzel.

"People do not want to go out in this, and for the people who don't feel like cooking for the night, next best thing is to have someone bring it to you hot and ready," said Steglich.

During snow storms delivery order tickets stack up and the tips roll in.

So when snow shuts everything else down, places like this are open.

Steglich said unless it's a Level 3 snow emergency, they'll be out making sure you get your food hot -- even in the cold.

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