Soaking Rains Move In Monday

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Well, we had a good run. Temperatures Sunday were roughly 18°-20° above average. For the week ahead, only two days will be even close to normal. Two mornings may even dip into the 30s in Toledo.

For the majority of our viewers, rain will hold off until the end of the morning commute. Most kids on the school buses will be fine without jackets or umbrellas IN THE MORNING. But note for everyone: pack rain gear, jackets, shoes, etc.; you'll need them!

The rain moves into Toledo closer to 8:00-11:00 a.m. Monday, according to basically every weather model. Unlike other rain-makers, this is not a quick-hitter: we'll have heavy rains throughout the afternoon, and that rain will impact everyone. This is not a severe thunderstorm threat, nor will we see large hail or damaging winds.

The rain continues through Monday night, with the first of two cold fronts coming in. That means we'll be chilly Tuesday morning, with some fog and more rain.

The rain Monday will be the heaviest, but by the end of Wednesday, many of us will end up with 1.5" of rain or more.