Social distancing: Man shares beer with neighbor via RC car

Eric Trzcinski rigged up an RC car to shuttle beer across the street to his neighbor. (Source: Facebook, Eric Trzcinski)
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RICHFIELD, Wis. (Gray News) – A couple of Wisconsin neighbors have got this whole social distancing thing down.

Trevor Reinke and Eric Trzcinski live across the street from each other but are still managing to share a beer together.

A video posted on Reinke’s Facebook shows his buddy sending over a Corona via a radio-controlled car, while dodging a few vehicles along the busy road.

Reinke called the clip: “Drinking with the neighbor well maintaining a safe distance."

The video’s an internet hit. It’s racking up millions of views.

“The idea came to me on my drive home from work Friday night,” Trzcinski said. “What started as just a joke/surprise to my amazing neighbor Trevor Reinke somehow went VIRAL!???”

Good job, guys.

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