South Toledo couple begs city to fix their road

Kris and William Bates say they've made calls, they've emailed and they've called Engage Toledo several times over the last year to fix the holes in their street left behind by city construction equipment to no avail.
They live on Oxbridge by Beverly in South Toledo where there are two city caution cones on each end blocking deep holes in the street. "Ive done several Engage Toledo calls and every time we put one in it always gets closed out. I call them ask them why it's been closed out because nothing's been done and they give me the same thing, Oh we'll have to reopen it and so they reopen it and nothing gets done."

The Bates tell 13ABC that the city was resurfacing the other part of the road across the way and parked the heavy machinery trucks on their portion of the road. "That's when the road started to sink in, you could see the asphalt going up on the side of our yards." says Kris.

The I-Team called the city and asked when the road would be redone. We were told it was scheduled to be fixed next week. The city also issued this statement:

Streets, Bridges, and Harbor crews have filled more than 100,300 potholes so far during the current pothole blitz. (total for the year is 124,304 potholes.)

"We have covered 76% of all city streets. The areas where we are working right now consist of South Toledo, the lower East Side, and some parts of Point Place. Once we have completed 100 percent of streets, we will revisit and address any new or recurring potholes throughout the entire city."