South Toledo Neighborhood Says City Is Ignoring It's Pothole Problem

TOLEDO Residents in the South Toledo Beverly neighborhood say they're out of patience with the city's pothole patching program. At Large Toledo City Councilman Rob Ludeman says it's great that the city did a pothole blitz fixing thousands of potholes, but workers missed an entire neighborhood. He's referring specifically of the area off Copeland and Indianola west of Byrne. That along with neighboring street Rocksberry have not yet seen the majority of the potholes fixed. "I'm just saying what happened to South Toledo where we pay high taxes, high ownership of property and these people deserve better than to be ignored by the administration," says Ludeman.

The 13ABC I-Team put in a call to the city requesting answers and before we heard back, there were city crews showing up to start filling potholes. But the city later issued a statement:

"Two weeks ago we were asked by Councilman Ludeman to direct our efforts in the Crossgates neighborhood. We committed to that and completed the entire Crossgates neighborhood shortly thereafter. The Holly Hill neighborhood is not part of Crossgates and we still have work to accomplish there on Glen Ellyn. Holly Hill will actually undergo complete reconstruction this year and Streets, Bridges, and Harbor crews will not be patching potholes there. Additionally there are other factors that must be considered that the councilman raised. Barrels are sometimes placed in areas that need research to ensure that it is not a sinkhole caused by other factors. This is a coordination of efforts between DPS and DPU. We don't want to waste resources filling a pothole that has a deeper root cause such as a broken water or sewer line.

The councilman referred to barrels on Frampton and Glanzman. Crews have completed Glanzman but have not completed Frampton. The south end area is the third of three zip codes in work zone 4 of the SB&H pothole program this year. It is still the plan to systematically complete the entire city. Roughly estimated, 43614 is nearly 60 – 70% complete. Jumping crews around is not effective and we are trying to stick to a planned process. Our progress is a bit slower now that DPU crews and the county crews that were assisting at the outset of our program have had to return to their respective areas. We are grateful for their assistance but progress is not as swift as it was early on. The commitment of the mayor and all city crews is to address every pothole this year. It is a large undertaking and since the 2nd week of May, we filled 93,292 potholes. Year to date we have filled 115,224 potholes, more than filled in the past two years combined."