Space Week blasts off at Imagination Station!

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - It's a week full of adventure and exploration at the Imagination Station.

Imagination Station Space Week

Activities range from building your own miniature satellite, experimenting with gravity, and examining star maps.

Jeff Stevenson, an Extreme Scientist at Imagination Station, said Space Week has a special meaning this time of year. It's during the week leading up to Leap Day, February 29.

"I think that space has a special spot in everybody's heart, in terms of getting really excited about science," Stevenson said. "You can see it when we have launches of the Space X, or NASA does something really big, or Pluto or a satellite. All of a sudden, the whole public is a scientist for a moment."

To learn more about what Space Week is all about, click here.

Activities are free with admission and take place each day through Sunday, March 1.