New pandemic daycare licenses required through April 30

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Starting Thursday, Ohio day care facilities must have a temporary pandemic license, which owners can get through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

The children of healthcare workers and first responders will get first priority at all daycare centers because they are essential employees.

The order mandates that providers limit the number of kids in one room to six or fewer. Other mandates include:

• Ratios must be kept at one teacher to no more than six children.
• Children whose parents are employed by the same entity should be kept together whenever possible.
• The same teachers and children in each room should be maintained whenever possible.
• There should be limited use of shared space or mixing of groups.
• If shared space is used, a rigorous cleaning schedule must be in place.
• Parent interaction should be limited at drop off and pick up.

Parents are required to bring proof of employment when enrolling their children.

The daycare centers pandemic order will remain in effect until April 30, with the potential to extend and adjust as needed.