Springfield Twp.homeowners want school board to drop property tax complaints

HOLLAND, Oh (WTVG) - "This is the first time I've run across a situation like this," one taxpayer said at the Springfield Schools board of education meeting.

He was one of many that spoke out saying he was both confused and upset with the board.

"I would rather have everyone in the district take a little bit of a hit and share it equally versus this unfair tax," another resident said.

Since 2009, the Springfield school district has filed what are called board of revision complaints that look at mistakes or potential mistakes on home tax values. If a home's sale prices is at least $50,000 above its appraised value, a complaint is filed. In these cases, it means that, for some, property taxes would go up.

"When we were looking for our home, we found this particular home in Springfield township," Jennifer Liptack-Wilson, who just moved to the area said.

She and her family moved in, in 2016. She says there is little wiggle room in her budget, and if the complaint goes through, she's looking at an extra $330 a month.

"We don't know if we can stay in the community if our taxes are going to be increasing at that rate," Liptack-Wilson told 13abc.

She isn't the only one. Around 100 other newer homeowners are also dealing with the same issue.

Mike Buck also got a letter from the county. In his, it said he'd be looking to pay about $5,000 more a year.

"I don't want to see them make this mistake," Buck said of the board.

Buck says if the complaints aren't drop, the district will suffer; levies won't get passed and board members will be voted out.

He says he wants to help the district explore other options.

"If they listen, we have the right people in place to help them going forward," Buck told 13abc.

School leaders weren't ready to make an official decision at Wednesday's meeting. The board president told the crowd that their concerns were heard and that members needed to have more discussion.

Meanwhile, taxpayers are waiting to see what they do next.

"I guess we'll find out what their decision is and if they took it to heart," Liptack-Wilson said.

The county auditor is set to do a revaluation of properties in 2018. Many people asked the board to hold off until then, when all homes will be revalued and taxes adjusted across the board.