Springfield students protest after principal and resource officer leave abruptly

Published: Jun. 4, 2020 at 2:53 PM EDT
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About a dozen Springfield High School students led a protest outside the high school demanding answers.

Students want to know why their beloved principal Rhonda Kimmons and School Resource Officer Nathanial Floure left abruptly without explanation.

"There's a lot of confusion they never told us, were just finding out that they are not, so when there is confusion, people start to get angry and make assumptions," student Robert Edwards said.

"Every single day if I had a problem with anyone or felt uncomfortable at school, Mrs.Kimmons always would listen, she would always help me find that outlet to like feel safe at school and Officer Nate was just that person to go to if I didn't have my lunch money or just wanted to know if I look OK today," student Anna Hiser said.

Students say these role models were pushed out by the school board and administration. They want the district to make a deeper commitment to diversity.

"It would be nice to see them commit to that because it would help a lot of people out, to see more diversity in administration so it matches the students in the building too," student Jordan Welch said.

Springfield Superintendent Matt Geha said Rhonda Kimmons resigned April 2 and Officer Nate was reassigned,

"We are not perfect, but we do want our admin and our teachers and any part of our staff to reflect what our children walk into everyday and we are trying to do that," Geha said.

Kimmons will be replaced by Robb Brown. No word on who will replace Officer Nate.

Geha says the district has been working on diversity issues for three years, partnering with various groups and organizations to help strengthen their commitment. "Its not perfect, we got a long way to go but those efforts are there, and the only people that can judge our effort are our kids and our parents."

Kids are making their point loud and clear. Despite the debate, Geha said he is proud of the students for speaking out.

Rhonda Kimmons declined to comment for this story.

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