St. Luke's Hospital cuts ribbon on Hybrid Operating Room and Electrophysiology Lab

MAUMEE, Ohio (WTVG) - St. Luke's Hospital cut the ribbon for its new Hybrid Operating Room (OR) and Electrophysiology Lab on Sunday afternoon. It's a part of the hospital's cardiovascular center.

The Hybrid OR will be used primarily for non-invasive vascular procedures, but it can be used as a full OR in the case of an emergency.

"It converts a surgical procedure back into what they call an endovascular procedure," Keith Burmeister, Vice President and Chief Relations Officer for St. Luke's Hospital said. "They'll go through the leg, up into the vessels, and they can repair damages or malformations of the vessels by going up inside the vessel instead of going outside the vessel."

The Electrophysiology Lab features two new mapping systems and an imaging system that generates 3-D images of the patient's heart.

It helps doctors diagnose and treat heart problems without opening up a patient's chest.

"Everything is dependent on the specialty catheters that we use that have electrodes on them," Electrophysiology Technologist Angelo Mazza said. "Those collect information from the individual person's heart, and we're able to make diagnosis and treatment based on those signals."

What does this mean for patient outcomes?

For one, it means shorter hospital stays and faster recoveries following one of these procedures, but most importantly, it means cutting edge care closer to home.

"When seconds count this is really going to make a difference for us because we are here in this area, so patients in the Monclova, Maumee, Whitehouse, areas that are closest to the hospital will benefit, so they don't have to spend precious time in emergency vehicles getting to the next place," Burmeister said.