Start High School teacher fired after alleged altercation with student

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A Start High School teacher is off the job after a previous alleged altercation with a student.

Kenneth Crosley was fired by Toledo Public Schools Thursday after supposedly using a bat to force a 16-year-old student out of his classroom back in October.

A police report shows a freshman went to Crosley's classroom back on October 12, 2018 looking to buy a homecoming ticket. That student told officers Crosley then yelled at her, threatened her with a baseball bat and put her in a choke hold.

Crosley told officers, however, that he ordered the student to leave his classroom after she came in yelling. That's when Crosley said he nudged the 16-year-old out the door and the student took an offensive stance "as if to swing." Crosley told officers he held the student until administrators arrived.

The district's chief of staff, James Gant, released a statement about the incident:

"Following a formal disciplinary hearing, the Board of Education has upheld the recommendation of a hearing officer to terminate a Start High School teacher who was involved in an altercation with a student," said Gant. "The safety of our students remains the top priority of Toledo Public Schools. All allegations of misconduct are investigated and appropriate disciplinary steps could be taken against a student or staff member should the findings dictate that outcome. The district cannot comment further on the administrative decisions in this matter."

Toledo Federation of Teacher's president Kevin Dalton also released a statement showing support for Crosley.

"The Toledo Federation of Teachers was made aware of the district’s decision to terminate Mr. Ken Crosley," said Dalton. "We will be meeting with Mr. Crosley to discuss next steps moving forward with this process. We are concerned that TPS is not considering all relevant information in making this decision. A culture of disrespect towards educators can not be laid at the feet of one individual."

The high school's assistant principal and the principal were also disciplined after the incident.