State inspects Perrysburg complex where senior citizens got eviction notices

PERRYSBURG, Ohio (13abc Action News) - An I-Team follow up about a Perrysburg apartment complex evicting senior citizens. A state inspection has wrapped up and we're learning the scope of that investigation became larger than first expected.

At the Harbor Town senior residences state investigators had only planned to go through 20% of the files of the residents. When they started that review they determined that all of them,100% of the files, needed to be reviewed.

Lots of questions remain at the facility off State Route 25 in Perrysburg. Why are seniors living there, some for years, being told they have to leave?

That's exactly what the Ohio Housing Finance Agency is trying to find out. This state agency has reviewed the 69 files of the people living there. A final notice will be issued to the complex when a final review is finished.

Harbor Town is a section 42 tax credit senior facility. Several residents received a letter in the last month or so saying they needed to be out immediately because their income is over the income threshold to live there. But they're seniors and just about all of them on fixed incomes so their incomes are not changing. Something else is happening and even some residents told us they were not sure what it was.

Now the state housing finance agency will go through all the paperwork of those residents to figure out why the notices went out and what's really happening here. The executive director of the housing agency, Sean Thomas, says once they started looking at a few of the files they decided to look at all of them to get the full scope of any potential problems.

13abc did hear from Miller-Valentine, the company that owns the facility. Here is their statement:

Harbor Town is a Section 42 housing credit affordable senior community, which means that residents must qualify based on their income. To meet its financial covenants and maintain its affordable senior living status, the property must be home to qualified residents.

Regrettably, it has come to our attention that some of our residents’ income qualifications were not calculated correctly by our staff during the application process. Based on this, these residents may not be qualified to reside at this community, as their income at the time of move-in exceeded the maximum limits.

We are working with the Ohio Housing Finance Agency on a solution with the best possible outcome for everyone.

We have also reached out to all our residents to explain the situation and let them know we are committed to a solution that both takes care of our residents and complies with affordable housing requirements.