Hot and dry conditions contribute to even more dangers with fireworks, sparklers

Published: Jul. 3, 2020 at 6:39 PM EDT
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The heat and humidity are certainly not helping conditions when it comes to a safe holiday weekend and celebrating outside.

"As recently as in the last two weeks, we had a fire, and the cause was fireworks. The fire started on the outside of the house, there was an injury associated with that and a rescue had to be made with that," Pvt. Sterling Rahe, public information officer with Toledo Fire and Rescue, said. "So, there are real dangers that go with these."

And while large fireworks are illegal, Pvt. Rahe knows they'll still be set off this weekend.

"If you're going to use them if you're going to be outdoors, we just asked you to be as safe as possible," he said.

But even if you're keeping the festivities small, there's still a risk.

"When we talk about sparklers, it's one that most people think ... can't really cause any harm," Rahe said. "But they burn somewhere the neighborhood 2,000 degrees, so that's almost like handing a torch to your child and saying, 'Hey, go run around with this'. It can be that dangerous."

And on dry ground, it's not a good combination. So, staying vigilant is important.

"Don't drink alcohol if you going to be lighting fireworks or even cooking," Rahe said. "You have to have some awareness of what's going on make sure you're being as safe as you can."

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