Steve Steel talks about night he was found unconscious in parking lot - Raw Interview Video Included

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TOLEDO - 13 ABC received a copy of video from inside the bar where Toledo city council president Steve Steel was drinking just before being found unconscious in a parking lot.

The incident happened outside Table 44 on February 9.

13abc's Bill Hormann talked to Steel about that incident. Steel admits he's not sure what happened. He thinks he was attacked. He suffered serious injuries, resulting in eight staples to the back of his head and an injury to the front. Those are injuries he believes are consistent with an attack.

He suffered a concussion and dizziness for three days. But surveillance video from inside the bar shows a man who had been drinking before he walked out.

The video, released by Toledo Police to 13abc, Tuesday, shows Steel is drinking with a toledo city commissioner at the bar.

Over a 20-minute period from 10:22 pm to 10:42 pm, Steel orders one beer and a shot and chugs it.

He calls it an Irish Car Bomb.

A few minutes later, he orders another.

Steel has seen the video release by police. He told 13abc reporter Bill Hormann, "I don't think I drank to excess."

The council president does not remember how many drinks he had that night but in a 20-minute period on video... he has 3-drinks and 2-shots.

Steel says, "I've had drinks before. I know my limits and I've never blacked out in my life. I dont think I started on February 9th."

Video from inside Table 44 also shows Steel heading to his seat on the other side of the bar and stumbling backward as he collects his jacket.

A few seconds later, he has trouble putting on that jacket.

He leaves 30 minutes later.

And that's where Steel's memory is fuzzy.

He says he suffered a head injury while walking to the parking lot but he says his short- term memory is affected and he cannot remember if he was going to drive home.

Steel insists, "If Im in a situation where I don't believe I can drive, I'm going to call my wife, I'm going to call a Lift, or call Uber, find other ways home."

As for lessons learned by this incident, Steel says, "I'll be more careful in terms of people buying me drinks in bars. If that's what people expect, that's what they expect."

But seeing the video, and hearing his story which he admits sounds unbelievable, leaves open a very big question about whether Steel has a drinking problem.

"I don't believe that I do," he responds

Steel is hoping his memory will come back so he can piece that night together.

He believes he was attacked, but Toledo police looked into the incident and determined he *was not* attacked. His wallet with all his money were found with him.

Steel says he hasn't suffered any lingering affects from his concussion.

And he says he is not stepping down as council president.