Stolen dog readjusting to life at home

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TOLEDO (WTVG) -- The magic moment when friends and co-workers Amy Parker and Hollie Roberts were reunited with their lost dog has many people celebrating.

"I could not believe it at first," said Hollie's daughter Rose Roberts. "I was crying. I could not believe it at all."

The dog, whose name is Mick Jagger, was found near the High Level Bridge and brought to the Lucas County Canine Care and Control.

"The person that found it put it on Facebook a couple weeks ago and since it was such a big deal when it happened initially, everybody was contacting, tagging us in posts and stuff like that," explains Hollie.

Mick had been missing since March of 2016 when Amy says someone stole him from outside her store, Amy's Allie.

"He was seen being put by a man into a white van right two doors down from here because he did get out of the front door," says Amy.

All of the signs with the pictures of Mick stating "Lost Puppy" were up in the windows. They are now down because Mick Jagger is back.

Amy and Hollie's kids are also thrilled to have their lost puppy back.

"I had to, like, tell myself I'm not dreaming," said Audrey Roberts "He's still like a little puppy. I missed him so much. I would think about him every night. And he's here!"

Now there's no looking back, but they will definitely be looking out for Mick, who was only 5-months-old when he vanished and now has a microchip so he can be identified.