Stories to make you smile today

CNN - Family game night took an unusual turn and it was all caught on camera. Grandpa was playing "Speak Out" with his family. That's when his dentures came flying out. His granddaughter posted the video on Facebook and it went viral, with more than 35,000,000 viewers. The family says Grandpa was a good sport and laughed the whole thing off.

Photos show two teenage boys being rescues in the Florida Keys. Crews found the pair about two and a half miles off the coast. Their rental boat starting taking on water. Rescuers pulled them from the capsized boat and brought them back to land.

Video shows the world's highest bridge, now open for business. The tall structure is in southwest China. It opened on Thursday as part of a highway linking two provinces. Construction on this project began in 2013. It cost about $150,000,000,