Storms leave flooded Northwest Ohio streets, some homes damaged

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Today's afternoon sunshine led to a few strong thunderstorms for northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. One of the stronger storms blew through Rocky Ridge.

Michael Tabbert lives in Rocky Ridge tells 13abc, "All of a sudden, it started raining really hard. Hail started to hit, you could hear the hail hitting everything."

From inside his home, Tabbert says he couldn't tell how bad the wind was. He says, "I was surprised when I looked out and saw the tree limb laying there."

And once the rain had cleared, a knock on the door from Toledo Edison made him realize how bad the damage was.

"When the limb fell, it fell right on the power line. It pulled that stand over and pulled it right out of the roof."

The damage in rocky ridge was sporadic around town, with a large branch on top of a house, and lawn items blew over near the edge of village limits.

Another storm brought torrential rain to Toledo. Low-lying areas, like the intersection of Oakwood and Detroit, saw a few inches of rainwater left over. The worst flooding stalled a car on Fearing near Detroit Avenue, stranding two women.

As a reminder, if you encounter flooded roadways, you should turn around and find an alternate route, rather than drive through and risk getting stuck.