Stranahan Elementary School Pulls Up In State Report Card Ranking

Published: Sep. 12, 2019 at 5:08 PM EDT
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The report card is out and Stranahan Elementary in the Sylvania district is steadily improving. Last year, the school did not meet state standards in the K-3 literacy score. This allowed families to take advantage of the Ed-Choice scholarship and take their educational dollars and the student or students out of the school and put it toward tuition for a private school. It was the exception in the Sylvania district that otherwise scored and continues to score well on the state report card.

Stranahan Principal Jeremy Bauer says "Our focus was really improving in that area. You have to do that three years in a row, so we're on track and we're very close." The grade has gone from an F a few years ago, to a C. "Next year, I know we're probably look at a B or higher," says Bauer. And that will take Stranahan off the Ed-Choice list.

Meantime the school has won the "Momentum Award for Academics" for the second year in a row and that makes it one of only 3% of schools in the state to receive that designation. "The state report card is really just a snap shot of how your school is doing, but it doesn't tell the whole picture," says Bauer.

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