High water evacuations lifted in Frenchtown Township

MONROE COUNTY, Mich. (WTVG) - Update: As of 12:30am Saturday, the evacuation orders in place in Frenchtown Township have been lifted. Friday afternoon, the Frenchtown Township Fire Department reported up to a foot of water in parts of the area along the lakeshore. The water has since started to recede and only a few inches remain.


The power of mother nature was on full display Friday along Southeast Michigan's coast.

"I've been to this pier many of times, but I've never seen the waves like this," said Doug Coffey of Ida, Michigan.

Strong eastern winds sent Lake Erie's waters crashing to the shores of Luna Pier.

The impressive sight had people like Coffey stopping by to snap pictures.

"Certainly don't see things like this in Ida?," asked 13abc reporter Michael Bratton. "No! Never have," laughed Coffey. "I doubt we ever will."

Flooding really never became an issue in the lakeside city, but people were prepared with sandbags stacked and water pumps running.

The southern part of Allen Cove was the only road closed. Even with that, law enforcement says evacuations were optional.

But just 12 miles to the north in Frenchtown Township it was a slightly different story.

"[The water is] over the break wall and it's all along their homes and it's progressing up the street," said Frenchtown Township Fire Chief Wendy Stevens.

Stevens says winds pushed at least 1.5 feet of water into people's homes along Lakeshore Drive.

It was the second time this year that residents were forced temporarily evacuate.

"We've got all the residents already evacuated off of Lakeshore Drive, again," said Stevens. "So we've taken them from their homes once again and disrupted their lives, but we're doing our best to try and maintain."

An unavoidable peril that comes with the pleasures of life along the lake.