Study finds speed limit is appropriate on Hill Avenue

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - In the wake of a tragedy that took the life of a 16-year-old Rogers high school student a study was conducted to determine if cars are going too fast on Hill Avenue.

That study is now complete.

All of Hill Avenue is 45 miles-an-hour. A new study say that speed is just fine for that stretch of road.

Friends say Romear Cavitt, 16, was running across Hill Avenue to catch a bus as he was headed to Rogers High School in October of last year. That's when he was hit and killed by a car going westbound on Hill Avenue near Torrington.

Police did not charge the driver but officials did promise a study to find out what exactly is happening on this stretch of road and what should be happening on Hill Avenue. That study is now complete.

The study determined the speed limit of 45 miles-an-hour is correct for Hill Avenue and that city administrators will not recommend changing the speed limit.

Study authors say that while there are a high number of accidents, the majority are congestion related at high volume intersections and that there might be a way to address them through further study.

Hill Avenue is about 5.5 miles long with several school zones which include Rogers high school were Cavitt was eventually heading. The study found that 85% of drivers stay at 25 miles an hour or below.

The intersection on Hill Avenue with the highest number of crashes is Reynolds at Hill.

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