Suburban districts survey parents about school year in the fall

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) Suburban School districts are sending out surveys to parents to gauge their thoughts on re-opening school in the fall.

Ottawa Hills Superintendent Dr, Adam Fineske tells 13 abc the districts wanted answers.

"What are they comfortable with, knowing there is no vaccine, are they OK with their kids going back to school?"

With more than 450 respondents, Dr. Fineske says the majority want their kids back in school with protection protocols.

"They want them in session, even though they know there's not a vaccine in place, we saw about 85 percent would send their students..only about 13 percent would not."

It's the same scenario in Perrysburg with 1800 respondents. 65 percent are comfortable with a traditional setting with health department input.

Perrysburg Superintendent Tom Hosler says many are questioning possible restrictions.

"The disconnect between why would we have to only 10 or 12 students at a time in the classroom, when immediately after school, a minivan pulls up,all the kids pile in it, and they go to little league or soccer practice, and they can go to Frickers, and eat at a table of 10, and maybe over the weekend go to a wedding with 300 people. So people are saying all these things are happening but now you're telling me I can only get one person on a bus?"

Perrysburg will discuss the results of its survey during its board meeting June 15th.