Swanton residents riled up after Post Office mailbox moved

 Swanton mailbox
Swanton mailbox (WTVG)
Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 6:21 PM EST
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The box was not moved far, just across the parking lot. But it changed the way the box is used, and for those who use it frequently, that change is significant.

"When you mention it, it's kind of like a hot topic. People want to talk about it," says Rosemarie Scherzer.

The mailbox that is the talk of the town is a blue collection box for the United States Postal Service (USPS). It is located at the Swanton Post Office.

"It's not accessible by car like it had been for years," says Scherzer.

Where it used to stand, all that remains is a slab.

"For years the mailbox was at the back of the parking lot. You could drive in with your car, drop your mail in and then leave," says Scherzer.

Now things are a little different. Instead of a drive-up box, people have to get out of their cars to use the drop box.

"I've picked up mail from one or two people who've pulled in to park and that way they didn't have to get out of their cars. Especially for the older people, it's a lot harder," says Swanton resident Cindy Wolverton.

It can be especially cumbersome in winter.

"When you get out of your car, you're walking in ice and snow and slushy conditions, which is not good for older citizens, or for anyone really," says Scherzer.

The movement was a surprise and left unanswered questions.

"There was no announcement, like in our local newspaper, that the box was going to be moved, or that it had been moved and why it was moved," says Scherzer.

According to a USPS spokesperson, the box was moved for safety reasons. Both women have gone searching for other options.

"We don't use it now. But we used to use it a couple times a week," says Scherzer.

"I'm often in Delta. I go there to exercise and on my way back I will drop my mail off in their post office box because it's much simpler," says Wolverton.

Wolverton worries about the security at her box at home.

"I'd rather leave it in the box, rather than put it in my box where somebody could take it," says Wolverton.