Swimming safety can start as young as six months

TOLEDO Safe swimming starts with constant eyes on your child. The next line of defense is to have proper locks and gates, and pool alarms to keep your kids out of the pool when you're not there. But the third is to make sure they know how to swim. Many parents get their kids in the pool as early as possible. ISR swim training is started as early as six months and goes up to six years. Annette Lazenby is a certified ISR swim trainer and works with babies as young as six months. "For the babies it's roll back and flat and get there until a parent can get there. For twelve months and older it's a swim float swim sequence," says Lazenby.

The whole goal is to teach babies, toddlers and children how to rescue themselves if they fall in water accidentally. The lessons even have the babies and kids dress in clothes to practice real life situations. Lazenby says 83% of all water accidents, happen to children who are fully clothed. "That diaper fills up with water, their coats fill up with water. Should it happen they're not going to panic, they're going to think I've done this before, I know what to do. I'm just going to do my skills and they adjust for the situation."

Megan Kabour enrolled her daughter Morgan in the classes when she was six months old because they have an in ground pool at their house. "It takes not three, not two, but one second for her to be out of my sight or out of my reach," says Kabour. "I feel like they're not necessarily teaching our child to swim to the wall per say, but more basic survival skills keeping her head above water and floating."

For more information about lessons: http://alazenby.infantswim.com/instructor/