Swine flu strikes Henry County Fair UPDATED

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Four hogs at the Henry County Fair tested positive for a type of swine flu. Those pigs are in quarantine right now.

“Yeah my pigs have the swine flu and I'm trying to help it get better,” Devin Dietrich said.

After showing his pigs this weekend, 6th grader Devin noticed something wasn't right with his two pigs. Now he's nursing them back to health.

“Trying to lower their fever, trying to get food in their system,” Dietrich said. “Maybe give them some medicine and help them feel better.”

Swabs were sent off to the state lab in Reynoldsburg, and the four pigs were separated immediately.

“Once you know what it is, in this case it's an h1n2 variant, then you just treat things like it's any illness,” John Paulson said. He’s the Henry County Ag Society Swine Barn Superintendent.

So far no people have tested positive for the swine flu, but a few years ago, before the family had hogs, Devin’s sister tested positive for H1N1, another Strain of the swine flu.

But the hogs that have a low temperature will be taken through by the trailer to market tonight.

“Some people get it, some don't. Some hogs get it, some don't,” Paulson said.

The symptoms of fever, loss of appetite, and weakness are almost identical from man to pig. But so far, no source to this rash of swine flu has been found.

“We don't really know. Most every place that has swine has something,” Paulson said.

With treatment, many pigs recover from swine flu within 3-4 days. Unlike other livestock illnesses, these animals are healed, not destroyed.