Sylvania Supt says arrested student in SHS threat wanted day off

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Good afternoon Sylvania parents and families. In our efforts to continue to communicate information regarding school safety, we have an update to share with you regarding the bomb threat incident at Southview High School. This event impacted both of our high schools last week. Late Friday afternoon Sylvania Police arrested a 17-year-old student and served the student with a Felony Inducing Panic (F5) charge. The student was immediately taken into police custody and is now booked in the Lucas County Juvenile Detention Center. The motive for the threat was the desire to have a day off from school.

All Sylvania students in grades 6-12 have received from me (via their school email) a strong message of warning regarding the continued no tolerance policy for all threats to school safety and security. Our school board policy 5600 on Student Discipline, Code: G (Threats) states that a student shall not, through verbal, written, technological, or any other means, make a statement that physical or emotional harm may come to another person or institution. A direct or indirect threat to commit a crime of violence with the purpose to terrorize another or with reckless disregard of the risk of causing terror in another is prohibited. Any violation of this policy could result in an out of school suspension, a recommendation for expulsion, and an immediate referral to law enforcement authorities.

We are asking that you talk with your children this evening and help us reinforce the consequences that could take place if they decide to partake in anything like last week's incident. Even spreading untrue rumors or gossip on social media can lead to strong disciplinary consequences. All Sylvania students have the right to a disruption-free, healthy, and safe educational environment. We continue to encourage our kids to talk to an adult, parent or authority as a positive outlet to address any concerns. It is our goal to maintain a safe and strong learning environment for our students so we can fulfill our mission to prepare them to be lifelong learners and engaged citizens.

Thank you for your vigilance, understanding, and teamwork throughout these changing times as we continue to provide a quality education for all Sylvania students.

Dr. Adam Fineske
Sylvania Schools Superintendent